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BioStem Technologies, Inc. is a global life sciences corporation, providing innovative technologies with a focus in Pharmaceuticals and Regenerative Medicine. The Company’s mission is to discover, develop, and produce the highly effective Pharmaceutical and Regenerative Medicine products and services. The Company is comprised of a diverse group of scientists, physicians, and entrepreneurs who collaborated to create innovative products and services.


  • Pharmaceuticals: BioStem Technologies Pharmaceuticals can be broken down into two very exciting segments: Qualified Pharma Ingredients, and NDA and ANDA Reformulation.

    • Pharmaceutical Ingredient Supply – Qualified Pharma Ingredients, Inc. (“QPI”), our joint venture subsidiary with our strategic partner, DYNALABS, LLC., will be providing to it's network of 1,700 pharmacies (9% of the Total Market Share), pre-approved pharmaceutical ingredients. This model reduces risk, creates cost savings, generates revenue opportunities, and establishes the highest level of patient safety.

    • NDA and ANDA Formulation – BioStem Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary, will develop and formulate drug products into different dosage forms. Pharmaceuticals has developed a strategic alliance with a biosciences company which have identified initial projects starting in 2018.


  • Regenerative Medicine: BioStem Life Sciences, Inc., Placental Tissue Division, is a biopharmaceutical company focused on the development of the highest quality placental-based tissue products for the ophthalmology, orthopedic and wound care markets with an emphasis on advancing ethical, pharmaceutical grade regenerative medical treatments that benefit our society.

    • A Leading Developer and Marketer of Regenerative and Therapeutic Biologics based on a Placental Technology Platform

    • Addressing Multi-Billion Dollar Market Opportunities in Wound Care, Surgical and Musculoskeletal Pain

    • Core Wound Care Business with Late-Stage Therapeutics Pipeline

    • GMP Compliant and US Pharmacopeia (USP) Monograph for Strength, Quality, and Purity of Allografts

    • Proven Safety Profile

    • Capital Allocation for Shareholder Value Creation

    • Investing for Growth